Thursday, 11 December 2014

Beat The Burglar This Christmas!

Crime has increased this year, with approximately 850 more crimes reported per day than this time last year, the majority of which are muggings and burglaries as reported by 'The Mail Online'.

Here is how IPS Fire & Security suggests you beat the burglar!

Festive Lighting - Be aware of how you connect up any external lighting, burglars know many people don't have outside sockets and this likely means you've connected them inside by leaving a window open.

Social Media - As with our previous blog post this still remains relevant! Don't let the burglars know your whereabouts, it makes their burglaries a whole lot easier.

Hidden Keys - Don't leave keys under mats and plant pots, this is one of the most basic security tips and one criminals have been taking advantage of for years!

Holidays - If you're going away over Christmas don't make it obvious, stay off the social media, ensure plants are watered, lights are on timers and post isn't piling up by the door.

Garages & Sheds - Ensure you lock your Garage/Shed and keep all valuables out of sight.

Intruder Alarms - Make sure your alarm has been serviced to ensure functionality and ensure you arm it when you leave the premises.

We hope everyone enjoys the Christmas holidays and remember to stay safe and secured.

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